Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Time Has Come for Your Sweet, Perfect Rest

In loving memory of my "baby brother", Kenneth Joel Morton Senior, AKA; "Kenn."

Kenn and his granddaughters (left side - Addie, Right side - Avery)
 8/31/2018 - his last good day with them.

Gone before his time, many would say
But God always chooses our perfect passing day
Our time of sorrow upon us, though it may be short it will be unsweet
But your perfect rest is now made complete

Time has now come to lay your burdens down
Time also to pick up your life's golden crown
A crown of recognition that your human sojourn has reached its end
Now resurrection life with Jesus in earnest begins

Eternal rest, perfect and sweet
Eternally to sit joyfully at Jesus' feet
Walking hand in hand with Jesus and Trish on heaven's golden shore
All the while joining others in singing His praises forevermore

Peacefully resting, no longer in pain
neither does fear or doubt linger, only pure joy and peace remain
Growing in relationship with Jesus, the King
Working in His Kingdom at whatever may a smile to Him bring

Brother, I do miss you more than I'd ever thought
For surely you gave me loads of brotherly harassing
But there will come a day we'll all be together again
 Our great God's eternal praises forever to sing!