Saturday, March 27, 2021

Love Letters - Letter 5

Dear Lord, 

I give You praise and thanks for all that You teach me. Just this morning You showed me new things, things I had never seen and known before, in Your Word.

In 2 Corinthians 12 Paul is telling them that their (our) boasting is fruitless, it accomplishes nothing. 
On this same subject, the prophet Jeremiah said, 

  "... instead,  let the boaster boast about this: that he understands and knows Me - that I am Adonai,   practicing grace, justice and righteousness in the land; for in these things I take pleasure, " says   Adonai. " Jeremiah 9:24 CJB.

I like the way the Message Bible puts it, but let's start at verse 23. "God's message: 'Don't let the wise brag of their wisdom. Don't let heroes brag of their exploits. Don't let the rich brag of their riches. If you brag, brag of this and this only: That you know Me. I'm God, and I act in loyal love. I do what's right and set things right and fair, and I delight in those who do the same things. 
These are My trademarks.' God's Decree."

This was an eye-opener,  Lord. But another eye opening thing of note is that too many of us are trying to walk out in Your strength using someone else's giftings ... wearing someone else's armor. But You have made us each uniquely and given us equally unique gifts all of our own. Why would we want to try using what You have clearly given to someone else? Maybe it is because we are weak in the area that You would choose to use and gift us in. 

David understood that he could not fight Your battle wearing Saul's armor. It didn't fit him as it wasn't made for him. Not only didn't it fit, but he wasn't used to wearing armor ... he was used to walking out to fight his enemies with You to protect him.  He knew You were a better covering than any man made armor. David also understood what Paul taught the Corinthians,

 " ... but He told me, 'My grace is enough for you, for My power is brought to perfection in weakness.' Therefore, I am very happy to boast about my weaknesses, in order that Messiah's power will rest upon me." 2 Corinthians 12:9 CJB

HOW AWESOME, to know that we can trust that Your power will rest upon us when we acknowledge our weaknesses and trust in You for our protection.
I love that You do this for us!

Your Loving Daughter, 


Friday, March 12, 2021

Love Letters to the Lord - Letter 4


Dear Lord,

I love it when You teach me new thing in scripture passages that are familiar to me. This morning, You took me to Matthew chapter 5, the Sermon on the Mount. 

I always thought that when You spoke about the many different "blessed areas" that they were many different types of people and the things that made them blessed in Your sight. But, this morning, I saw a different way - probably the very way - that You intended us to view these blessed people. This passage is Your portrait of how You view ALL of your children ... how You want us to view ourselves. They aren't many different people, but different aspects - different facets - You intend each of us to exhibit. So Lord, I want to quote back to You showed me that I could and should be.

Matthew 5:1-13 - as I read it;

 When Y'shua saw that His teachings were drawing large crowds, He and His disciples climbed up a hillside. When He reached a natural amphitheater dotted with trees, He sat down and taught all that had followed Him there. This is what He taught:

 When you have reached a spiritual drought, remember that you can be joyful, filled with the Joy of the Lord; because when you have run out of options, God will show you His Kingdom plan for that moment.

 When you are mourning the loss of a loved one, remember that, even now, you can be full of My Joy; because you will always have The One you love most there to wrap His arms around you and your arms around HIm in your sorrow.

 When you have found your contentment in Me, you are filled with My Joy; for you have found your balance point for a Spirit-filled life ... a life filled with My plans, My purposes and the Fruit of My Spirit flowing out from your daily walk.

 When you are continuously hungry for more of My Righteousness ... more of Me, when you thirst for deeper wells of My peace - for the New Wine of My Spirit, you are filled with My joy; for only I can satisfy your desires for more. And satisfy you, I will!

 When you express My tender mercy and loving kindness, you are filled with My Joy; for you know that I have showered My loving kindness and mercy on you, and I will continue to do so and you do likewise.

 When you teach others to walk in My perfect Shalom (a life without chaos, that lacks nothing), you are filled with My Joy; for those around you will see that you are truly a child of The King - My child.

 When you are persecuted for doing what is Right, remember that you can be filled with My Joy; for you are living in My Kingdom here and now on this earth. Your commitment to My Ways through the hard times drives you long for more closeness to Me and My Kingdom.

 Be filled with My Joy whenever you are put down, when others - who are outside the Family - throw you out, slander your character speaking all kinds of evil about you because of your love for Me. Jump for Joy, because I will reward you greatly for all of your faithfulness. Remember that al of the prophets were also treated like this, so you are in fine company.

 You, My children, are the salt that seasons the lives around you, that bring them robust flavor. When you lose sight of all the ways that you can find My Joy, you actually become tasteless; how can that flavor be returned to your life? Life without the flavor you can bring to it is worthless; it will cause you be thrown out into the street for those around you to trampled upon. So find your TRUE Joy in Me and keep your focus - keep your eyes centered on ME!

Lord, thank You for showing me how I should be looking at life to find Your Joy. Help me to live in it as I walk through my daily life ... today, tomorrow and Always.

Your loving daughter,