Monday, September 14, 2020

A Note to the Worshipers:

 While in church on August 30th, the Lord spoke a message in my ear for those who would worship Him. While this message may seem a little harsh, to begin with, I know that it was a word timely given the I, one who would aspire to be a true worshiper, needed to hear. And yesterday morning in church, He said that it was time for me to share it with all of you. So here goes:

    "You say that I am your God. And yet you stand ... worshiping from afar. Are you embarrassed by Me?  Or on My Behalf?"

    "Standing in the distance, even making a show of your worship is NOT true worship. It is a lie. my true disciples LOVE to stand in My presence worshiping. Up close ... under the shadow of my tallith. As Psalms 91 declares, I AM their dwelling place."

    "If you truly love Me, draw near to Me. I have your place already prepared here in My arms, upon My lap, hidden within the shadow of My wings."

    "Sing praises to Me with your whole heart and a loud voice, in Spirit and in Truth as I have told you from the very beginning. For I love you! Did I not die so that you could live ... and live in My abundance?"


  "Child, you are forgiven! I have covered it ALL with My shed blood ... just for YOU. Come close, so that I may breathe into you life anew in Me ... and Stand In My Presence Evermore; with your heart filled to overflowing with songs of Praise and Deliverance ... Songs of True Worship.

    "And all of My Holy Angels will sing with you."

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