Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Love Letters to The Lord * Love Letter No. 1


Dear Lord,

I thank you for your amazing love and grace.

As I read in Matthew 14:22 - 23 and in Luke 5: 12 - 16, I see where you went away by yourself - even leaving your disciples behind  - to spend time with the Father. So Lord, as I long to be as close to You as You were to Your Father, I choose to spend time alone with You as often as I can. Continue to hide me under the shadow of Your wings ... in Your most secret of hiding places, yet never afraid to venture forth to bring others alongside as I journey to the High Places of Your Kingdom.

Let us be ever vigilant to bring Your Kingdom to this earth so that others may see what we have and long to join us.

I  sing of Your wonderous love and mercy as I read through Psalms 91, longing to dwell in Your secret places.

From under the shelter of Your wings,

Your daughter,


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