Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Take a Stand on the Abortion Issue ... God Has!

As I was praying this morning in my appointment with the Lord, I was reminded about the recent passing of abortion laws by various states across the country ... so I prayed thus:

As our nation sees the drawing to a close of an era devoted to the sacrificing of our unborn, each state is faced with taking a stand and drawing up sides in this battle for the fall of Roe vs Wade. New York was the first to set state abortion laws earlier this year; thus allowing for the continued murder of innocent lives when the federal abortion laws are overturned. Now Vermont and Illinois have joined with them in allowing for these murders to continue. In fact Lord, Illinois went so far as to boast that they would gladly choose to be the nation's leader in state-sanctioned abortions. Father, please "forgive them for they know not what they do!"

Lord, I am so glad that I live in a state that values all life and has chosen to stand on Your side of this line that has been drawn in the sand, so to speak. I pray that Tennessee doesn't have to stand alone with You on this matter. I pray that many, if not all, of the rest chose to join us and stand with You in this quest to preserve the lives of our unborn. For the majority of Americans are opposed to abortion, yet our leaders refuse to listen to our voices. Instead, they continue to listen to the lies that the enemy of our souls' whispers in their ears ... not the shouts of their constituents.

Father, I repent for the sin of our government officials in this matter. I pray that they will hear Your voice of truth, and that right soon!

Now, this was my personal prayer on the abortion issue. I hope that you will stand with me, chose to oppose the continued murder of our children, and pray this prayer as your own. 

As you consider your stand, please watch this video of Petra's song, Not Gonna Bow To Yout Idol. Just click this link to view it now.

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