Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Trip Eastward - Tennessee or Bust!

Sis. Leigh and Barnabas ready yo depart.

Hi, all.

I have been in the planning an preparing stages for a trip to visit my family in Tennessee and Kentucky for some time. I have felt since Christmas that I was to make this journey, but lacked the funds to do so. But the planning and preparing were to continue until the Lord made the funds available; now He has.

The necessary funds, my back pay from Social Security Disability, were deposited into my bank account on Wednesday, May 9th. I was awarded my Disability in September of 2016. It was approved to start in January of that year, but there is a five month waiting period before benefits begin. So my benefits were to begin June 3, 2016, thus the reason for the SSA owing me three months back pay (June, July, and August of 2016).  I was told by the Reno SSA office that it should be about 90 days from the date of the first payment I received before I would get that back pay.

I received my first payment October 2016, and so thought I would have my back pay by January 2017. No Joy! I have waited 16 months beyond that expected payment date.

There have been many things that I needed to purchase - i.e. a generator as the one in the van wouldn't run, gas cans for taking generator fuel, etc. But now all is purchased and the van nearly loaded. So my departure is nearly on the horizon.

I am bringing a couple of furry, four-legged friends along for the ride; no loneliness here!

I plan to pull out of Mound House, Nevada on Sunday afternoon, right after our fellowship lunch after Sunday's church service. I have posted a copy of my Itinerary below. And I plan to post here each evening as I travel across the country. This is an approximate Itinerary as I have sent out letters of introduction to several of our AB of C sister churches so that I may share God's word as I travel ... God willing!

Stay tuned here for further updates!

Tennessee Trip Itinerary

 Dear Family and Friends,
My plans are subject to change at any time, especially from May 24th on as I have sent requests to speak at several churches in Arkansas and Missouri. I will post updates on my website,, and my Facebook page, Grammys Gems.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my itinerary me at:

Leigh Morton
A Hippy in His Service
… and yours!

Sunday, May 20, 2018:
Carson City to Tonopah
Camp: Tonopah, NV
Alkali Hot Springs Campground

Monday, May 21
Tonopah to Hoover Dam, NV
Rest Stop: Las Vegas, NV
Dinner: Sweet Tomatoes
9460 W Flamingo Rd, LV, NV 89147
Camp: Hoover Dam Lodge Overflow
            Boulder City, NV

Tuesday, May 22
Hoover Dam to Grants, NM
Rest Stop: Flagstaff, AZ
Dinner/Camp: Grants/Laguna Pueblo

Wednesday, May 23
Grants, NM to Elk City, OK
Rest Stop: Tucumcari, NM
Dinner/Camp: Elk City, OK
            Elk City Lake Park

Thursday, May 24    
Elk City to Hot Springs AR
Rest Stop: OKC
Camp: Cedar Glades Park
            Hot Springs, AR

Friday, May 25
Hot Springs, AR to Branson, MO
Rest Stop: Clinton, AR
Camp: Branson, MO
            With Tina Stottle

Saturday, May 26
Branson to Neelyville, MO
Rest Stop: Willow Springs, MO
Camp: Beaver Lake

Church Sunday in Neelyville, MO.

Dear Friends at Coon Island Pentecostal Church,
I would love to take time off the road here to speak with your congregation as I travel through your area. Otherwise, I will be staying in Shelbyville, TN for several months. This is only a few hours journey from you and I would be glad to make time in my schedule to accommodate your scheduling needs.
Monday, May 28
Neelyville, MO to Shelbyville, TN
Rest Stop: Nashville

End of Road - for now: Shelbyville, TN

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